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Are you in the process of applying for a 7a loan?


Each year SBA reviews certain fees payable to SBA by 7(a) Lenders (“Lenders”) and borrowers to determine the appropriate amount required to cover the estimated costs of the 7(a) loan program. This Notice announces the annual service fee (also known as the “on-going guaranty fee”) and the upfront guaranty fee for all 7(a) loans approved from October 1, 2019, through November 21, 2019, the period covered by the Continuing Resolution (“CR”) recently signed by the President.

SBA is unable to provide any upfront guaranty or annual service fee relief for any 7(a) loans approved during the CR period regardless of size of the loan, location of the small business, or any other prior fee relief initiatives (including veteran-owned small business fee relief under SBA Express).